Honeymoon en France! Paris for love & Provence for romance!❤️

Honeymoon en France! Paris for love & Provence for romance!❤️

Tammy & Mike in Honeymoon mode at Chevre D'Or on the French Riviera

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In the pre-COVID world when we took the freedom of travel for granted, my partner Paul and I meandered around Provence and met some amazing like minded people who have remained firm friends. Tammy and Mike Melo were among the new friends we are now so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet.

Tammy and Mike from Vancouver Canada were on their Honeymoon. The holiday was intended to also double as a 50th birthday vacance en France for Tammy and as she described it, was a French odyssey!

Paul and I met Tammy at the cooking day we booked in for at Jean Marc Villard’s Cooking School in Maubec en Provence. The day with Jean Marc and his wife Alice was a life altering experience and remains a beacon amongst my memories during this period of history when travel is so problematic if trying to get to Europe from Australia.

Tammy chatted with me about her love of French food, she reminded me of the highlights of our cooking day and she shared more tidbits of her holiday with Mike such as their dinner at amazing restaurant Chevre D’Or on the French Riviera. From that gorgeous opulence to the rustic loveliness of L’Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue where we shared aperitifs overlooking the canals of the French “little Venice”, the chat with Tammy including her love of French food, ideas for keeping Frenchy ideas going with home décor, as well as book and music recommendations took me right back to France momentarily.

Merci ma belle amie Tammy xx


Carla Bruni – Mon Raymond


Steak Tartine avec Saint Agur et aux echalotes caramelisees from St Tropez

from The South of France Cookbook by Nina Parker


Consent – a memoir by Vanessa Springora

The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah

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