Amour de la France ❤️

Amour de la France ❤️

My first trip to Paris!

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Bienvenue à Loulabelle‘s FrancoFiles!

During COVID I found dreaming of travel and all my experiences in France helped imagine a future when all of that would be possible again. Some friends asked when my l’amour de français began, and I think I inherited much of it from my parents. Like many Australians I learnt French at school and hoped I would get there one day. Then one day a lovely friend asked me to accompany her on a work trip to Paris as her husband couldn’t go. I leapt at the opportunity and my love affair with France formally began!

Since then I have returned to Paris and country France often. Sometimes with big groups of my family, tour groups, girlfriends, my immediate family with my kids, my partner and on my own. On every visit there is something new to explore and beaux souvenirs to take home.

Through the Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast we will share tips for all sorts of travel in France as well as ideas for activities not often found in the guidebooks. We’ll also explore ways of keeping that French connection alive when still in Australia!

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