Finding harmony in Paris – the simple joie de vivre ♥️

Finding harmony in Paris – the simple joie de vivre ♥️

Musée de Cluny (also called Musée du Moyen Âge) was reconstructed over ancient thermal baths in 1485–1510, combining Gothic and Renaissance elements. It is my favourite museum in Paris.

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I loved connecting with Ruby Boukabou again! She has such an amazing energy! I always leave a chat with Ruby feeling like I can take on the world and simultaneously that I’ve had a beautiful Parisian experience. In this chat Ruby talked about how she has stayed busy during COVID, from writing her book The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris, to her tap shack in Sydney and memories of tap dancing on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim!

Something I hadn’t thought of before, Ruby mentioned to me that Paris is a future focused city and Parisians are very conscious of their environmental situation in the world. I have often noticed in Paris how they implement a staggered planting program where young trees are planted in between older trees, so there is a plan of succession.

I was enthralled with Ruby’s new book, The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris. With chapters on Paris history, train stations, museums, walking tours, itineraries, a variety of architecture styles or as Ruby puts it “a mixed palette”.

I was reminded when talking with Ruby about concerts in churches (the acoustics are out of this world!) about the significance of Haussmann Paris, about stopping to really connect with our surroundings whether in a large city or in regional France. I attended a concert on one visit to Biarritz in a church in the village of St Jean-de-Luz. The all male choir had a most amazing sound when performing in a space steeped in so much history.

While I can’t travel to France, I’m going to do a walking tour of some of my fave parts of Paris – the two islands in the Seine and the Marais. Using Google Maps or Google Earth to explore at my own pace and focus on the places that feed my soul is something I’m excited about.

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Sur le shuffle Pont  by Le Shuffle Project- tapping on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim with Paris all around and the Tour Eiffel behind – AMAZING!

The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris

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Crème Caramel


Véronique Sanson with Vianney – Chanson sur ma drôle de vie 

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