Meet Chef of the Year! Pierrick Boyer from Rêverie Café, creating amazing French dreams!

Meet Chef of the Year! Pierrick Boyer from Rêverie Café, creating amazing French dreams!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 156

Pierrick Boyer

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I got out from behind my desk in the Loulabelle’s recording pod and met Pierrick Boyer in his Prahran Rêverie Café. For someone who has so many accolades and awards, who is always excelling and noted as being at the top of his craft, he is an exceptionally grounded and genuine person. I have spent time in his café before, always a place that is warm and welcoming, filled with French dreams in every dessert and dish served!


After growing up in France, Pierrick lived a number of years outside of France and thankfully for us in Melbourne, he eventually ended up making a life here with his family. He has been rewarded too, winning the title of Australian Pastry Chef of the Year.  Pierrick is also about to be recognised by the French Ambassador with the Mérite agricole, an order of merit bestowed by the French Republic for outstanding contributions to agriculture (including products of agriculture such as French food.)


Pierrick and I chatted about the importance of dreaming. Most of us dream of all sorts of things: travel, beautiful places, achieving great things… Pierrick talked of being a “doer” and making dreams a reality. We lamented the change in the way kids grow up now, in a period of time when they never seem to have space to sit with their own thoughts… there is always a screen to fill the void. We considered that as kids, the time we may have sensed that we were bored, actually encouraged dreaming and creative thought. I wonder if without this time to ponder and think, will kids continue to dream big in the future, in the same way as we and previous generations had the space to do in the past.

Dreaming is something that can’t be taught. But Pierrick is definitely showing how hard work and determination can make dreams come true.


Pierrick’s links:

Website – Rêverie Café

Instagram – @pierrickboyer


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