Metro ticket bookmarks to keep your Frenchy vibes going ❤️

Metro ticket bookmarks to keep your Frenchy vibes going ❤️

Pam Plançon travels across France to find petit morsels of Frenchiness for her online store Olive and Branch

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 75

Guest: Pam Plançon

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Pam Plançon has had a love affair with France for a veeeeeeery long time! Her grandfather was French and her connection to all things French started at a very early age.

Pam founded business Olive and Branch which is an online store selling French and French inspired products based in Connecticut. She and her husband bought a house in the south of France when her children were young meaning she could return there every year. She initially started Olive and Branch as an actual store coming from her love of Provençal pottery. Post COVID the store has turned online but Pam still returns to France, travelling the French countryside searching for pottery, soaps, linens as well as brocante. Pam also heads to trade shows and other larger markets to source the products.

Pam talks about France with such a warmth and a lovely familiarity. We chatted about how much we love Paris especially now we have made friends there. Pam also agrees with me that travelling alone is not a problem in Paris. Sometimes that just opens up new opportunities to meet kindred spirits who also love France and Paris as much as we do! Pam found some time ago when living in the UK that another way to connect with kindred spirits was by starting her own Francophile book club. She is starting that up again now, so see the link below if that sounds like your thing!

Pam has a vast knowledge of travelling in France. Her main tip for first timers to Paris or even return travelers to France, is to ensure the itinerary is not too crowded. My tip is similar, pop a fave for each person on the trip into the itinerary and then group those things into geographical areas or in Paris into arrondissments. That way time won’t be wasted by running from one side of Paris to the other continuously!

A while back Pam did a tour in Paris called Meeting the French Tour where she visited a boulangerie and saw the inner workings of the pastry and bread making. She also recommends the Cordon Bleu, especially for Julia Child fans!

Pam’s Links:

Olive and Branch

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