A virtual visit to the swinging Paris jazz clubs!

A virtual visit to the swinging Paris jazz clubs!

Wendy, Lou and Lou's dad David at Chez Papa in Paris!

Ep 3 Loulabelle's FrancoFiles podcast

Guest: Wendy Lee Taylor

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Join Lou as she chats to childhood friend Wendy Lee Taylor about her life in France since her early 20s when she went there to perform at the Lido Paris! Hear about how Wendy moved from the Lido to singing in the swinging Paris jazz clubs with her husband Philippe. Pictures above is the special night at the Chez Papa jazz club where Wendy brought my dear dad (a jazz pianist himself in the good ole days!) up on stage with her! A wonderful lifetime memory for which I will always be thankful to lovely Wendy.

We also share Wendy’s performance of the Juliette Greco song Deshabille Moi.



Wendy Lee Taylor 

Wendy’s version of Deshabille Moi

How to find jazz in Paris:

Lylo magazine

France Voyage 

Links to clubs:

Caveau de la Huchette

Sunset Sunside

Duc des Lombards 

Lido Paris

Chez Papa

Recipe: Orange and Fennel Scallops

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