Best French Forever!

Best French Forever!

Cynthia Moos shares Provence to your door with her boxes from Best French Forever!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles Ep 69

Guest: Cynthia Moos

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Cynthia Moos was born and raised in Provence. Whilst studying in the UK she met her now American husband and moved to the US. Now living in Colorado she is reminded of the sounds of Provence with the cicadas in the summer. But after a few years Cynthia wanted more connection with her homeland, she wanted to celebrate the crafts of Provence and share that with Francophiles everywhere, so she started her business Best French Forever.  BFF is a subscription service (currently only available in the US) which delivers a box avec un petit peu de Provence right on your doorstep!

Cynthia sourced her products from the artisans or local brands in Provence, ensuring they are high quality, with a social conscience as well. BFF promotes inclusion and diversity, an end to racism, respect of women, environmental conservation and fair treatment for all. Cynthia has been really mindful that her business aligns with her own personal values.

I think it is so refreshing to hear of a small business start up considering these issues, rather than just the profit.

BFF has seasonal boxes which come out 4 times a year as well as gift boxes available all year round. Cynthia tries to incorporate new partners and products each time and through connecting with the producers she is keeping her French connections going and getting to speak in French!

When returning to France Cynthia likes to visit the area around her parents place in Les Alpilles, enjoying the beautiful natural surrounds and meandering around the local villages. Her perfect day also includes starting at a local artisan market viewing all the creations and also tasting lots of local produce, followed by lunch on a café terrasse followed by a nap! The pace of life in Provence is definitely something I could get used to! She suggests though not to cram the day with too many things. Taking time and immersing completely requires a slower pace.

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