Everyday en Paris, un petit peu de France avec “Mon Petit Four”!

Everyday en Paris, un petit peu de France avec “Mon Petit Four”!

I'm loving discovering more of France every day avec Beeta et Mon Petit Four!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 37

Guest: Beeta Hashempour

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I am always looking for ways to keep my connection with France alive whilst I’m not on French soil.

Beeta Hashempour is the creator of Mon Petit Four, which has been voted as one of the #1 French food blogs in the world and one of the top Parisian lifestyle blogs of 2019!

Everyday receiving the très fabuleux emails with recipes and tips from Mon Petit Four brings a sparkle to my day!

In my wonderfully warm chat with Beeta it was lovely to hear about her first trip to Paris a decade or so ago. It was also terrific to hear that I’m not alone with my perspective of love at first sight for the city of Paris! Beeta had the same reaction when she emerged from a Paris Metro station for the first time!

On that trip Beeta discovered a love of French food and after her return home she started deconstructing and demystifying French food for friends which soon grew to service Francophiles everywhere! Now Mon Petit Four has a vast following and also offers a brilliant (and terrifically affordable) membership section Everyday France.

Beeta now splits her time between the US and Paris, and looks forward to returning after COVID. She will be returning to Paris in September 2021 with members from her Everyday France membership and I can’t wait to follow her travels from here in Australia!


Beeta has an amazing connection to French food. When returning to France her favourite dish to order is a Confit de Canard. We highlighted this wonderful recipe in blog post LFF episode 9. Beeta’s fave to cook herself when home in the US is Beef Bourguignon.


Beeta has a few faves, but the wonderful jazz sound of Coralee Clement was one I could not go past!

Coralee Clement –  Samba de Mon Coeur Qui Bat

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