Exploring the seasons of life in Paris!

Exploring the seasons of life in Paris!

Sonia's first book Provenance Unknown takes the reader from Canada to Paris!

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Guest: Sonia Nicholson

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Author Sonia Nicholson lives in Victoria Canada. Her first book Provenance Unknown was published earlier this year. It tells the story of a young single mum archivist who lands her dream job at the city archives and then discovers a forgotten French diary in the vault which takes her on a journey all the way to Paris! I wondered if any of that narrative was autobiographical and Sonia confirmed that some of it is. She has travelled to Paris 3 times which supplied much inspiration for her book. She has also worked as an archivist which gives a level of authenticity to the story.

Sonia is of Portuguese background and “will never go hungry” as her father said in relation to her capacity with her parents’ native language but her fluency in French is the best of all her second languages, having completed most of her Arts degree in French.

Sonia and I had a lovely chat about travelling with kids, without kids, with partners and also how life can get in the way of following our Paris dreams… but really we wouldn’t have life any other way. Dreams can come true any time through life!

Sonia described her interaction with Paris and compared it to the seasons of her life. Sonia travelling to Paris in Grade 10 on a school trip as a wide eyed 16 year old is like the SPRING period of her life. She went to Paris and also explored the Normandy beaches at this time. When Sonia was just heading off to university with thoughts that she would change the world, she travelled to Paris again and this was the SUMMER of her life. Travelling back to Paris with her husband and 3 year old son, was her AUTUMN. Her son is now 17 and Sonia is yet to experience the WINTER Paris experience, that is being in Paris as a mature woman and adult.

I haven’t thought about life in season format like this before, but I think I’m ready for my next seasonal France adventure!

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Instagram: @nicholson.sonia

Website: sonianicholson.com

Sonia’s article about Paris representing the seasons of life

Buy: Provenance Unknown (on Amazon)


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