French design chic… an expert guide!

French design chic… an expert guide!

Ann Dennis is an artist and interior designer who keeps my Frenchy vibes fluttering all the time through her social posts!

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Guest: Ann Dennis

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Ann Dennis is an artist and interior designer who is passionate about interiors, art and antiques. Many of us Francophiles benefit from by following her socials with exquisite and sumptuous designs shared consistently. I so loved delving deeper into her French inspired story with this podcast chat.

Ann grew up in a family who valued French design elements. Something as simple as dining by candlelight with linen instead of paper napkins! Ann shares my passion for French crockery and collecting plates, so much so that she once carried 8 Gien plates home on her lap on the plane!

Ann’s style evokes a connection to France in me, so I imagined she would share my love for all things French and I was right! After College Ann worked in fashion which took her on a journey that ended with her working in interior design. Initially she started out painting baskets in white with French linens and selling them to high end stores. She then eventually started her own line of stylised French floral designed wallpaper and fabric. Ann worked in this space for 10 years after which time she made the move to establish her own showroom.

Ann chatted to me about her French trips which included châteaux stays and one-of-a-kind experiences, as well as the flow-on impact to her design. Ann is influenced by both her travels as well as her extensive library of design books.

Personally, I feel that modern French design has evolved beautifully. It has gone from the ordered formality we see in some of the grand châteaux to sometimes even a collection of brocante-finds eclectically combined to be what is sometimes called “shabby chic”. I love Ann’s abstract art and the manner in which it can sit in the middle of the structure and formality of French design. Ann talked about the way that these days we can mix a number of design elements together and it just “works”!  When there is abstract art in a formal style French room, I find it quite freeing… it helps me decompress. It somehow encourages me to “let go” inside. I feel that contemporary abstract art doesn’t hold on to the formality sometimes found in French design and assists me to let go of the formality of life, freeing me to be more in touch with my inner self. The combination of formal French and abstract art provides the best of both worlds to my eye and feeds my Francophile heart.

Ann says that French style has a sophistication that is instantly recognisable. I think the designs that Ann shares are just timeless. I’ll be continuing to follow her socials and fill my Francophile soul daily.

Ann’s links

Ann Dennis Instagram – @annmdennis

Ann Denis Artist Instagram – @ann_dennis_art


Poulet Roti

Roast chicken French style


Carla Bruni – Mon Raymond

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