Is that Paris Architecture or Art?

Is that Paris Architecture or Art?

Ruby Boukabou, author The Art Lovers Guide to Paris (photo Olivia Rutherford)

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles podcast Ep 5

Guest: Ruby Boukabou

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In this episode of the Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast, I chatted with performer, writer and global citizen Ruby Boukabou about her French-Australian life, tapping on top of bars and writing books for us all to walk with in Paris!

Growing up in Australia with French and Algerian family influences, theatre performer (and self-confessed tap-addict!) Ruby shares her journey to a life across 2 countries. Ruby is involved in the “tap jam” scene in Paris and continues to work with musicians there, as well as teach tap dancing online. She also has her own Ruby TV which covers such exciting events as the Cannes Film Festival!

Listening to Ruby talk about her books The Art Lovers Guide to Paris and The Architecture Lovers Guide to Paris, including her walking tours in the books, can help FrancoFilers feel we are back in Paris!

We hear an original instrumental with tap dancing as a musical instrument. The piece Schofeel is based on an original composition of Daniel Hunter.

Beginner tappers can check out Ruby’s online classes, where tap shoes aren’t even necessary to give it a go and see if tapping is your joie de vivre!

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Paris Tap Crew!

Click to find all the info for Tap Jams in Paris!

Sur le Shuffle Pont 

Le Shuffle Project (acapella tap dance clip on the streets of Paris)

Le Shuffle Project

Music by Le Shuffle Project, recorded at The Basement in Paris (Tap Dance Ruby Boukabou & Mbango Baer, Guitar- Alex Stuart and Daniel Hunter)

(or Le Shuffle Project on Facebook)

Shuffle at Home (in France!)

Ruby and her friends around the globe tapping together.

Ruby’s book The Art Lover’s Guide to Paris

Buy here: The Art Lover’s Guide to Paris

& on YouTube here

Ruby’s Sense in the City Travel Guide


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