Paris in 20 Walks

Paris in 20 Walks
Walking through the Marais, the back of the church of St Louis & St Paul with a school playground in the foreground... everyday Parisian life going on all around with exceptional architecture and history at every turn!

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Dianne McHugh

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Dianne McHugh loves walking through Paris. So much so that she has created 20 walks, one for each arrondissement of the French capital. Dianne has her faves, but one thing she often looks for when planning a walk, is a patch of green on the map. Tha parks and recreational spaces of Paris are food for a Francophile soul! Dianne also likes to make time to have a break and read a book somewhere as well as take in at least one museum or gallery a day.

During her last visit to Paris Dianne tried to squeeze all her 20 walks into a 14 day stay, but just fell short. Always leave a reason to  return I say! So now Dianne will go back for 4 weeks and complete the walk for each arrondissement. I’ll be doing one of her walks when I next return to Paris too!


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