Paris meanderings, Hemingway & les après-midi avec Julia Child

Paris meanderings, Hemingway & les après-midi avec Julia Child

Early morning surprise Paris coffee rendezvous feed a FrancoFiler's soul

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles Episode 13

Guest: Barbara Keenan

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Feed your French soul listening to this Loulabelle’s chat with my belle amie Barbara Keenan.

Barbara and I met when Barb came to Melbourne Australia as an exchange student from Stockton California in 1986. We both studied drama together and found we were both “foodie” as well as Francophiles. In 2018 we by chance found ourselves in Paris at the same time and had an early morning coffee rendezvous to share our excitement at being in our favourite place.

Barbara now has her own podcast with her friend Phil called “Gdayall” where they talk about American foods and how to stay connected to home whilst they’re in Australia. A little like FrancoFilers staying connected to France when we can’t be there!

Barbara took me on a little journey with this chat, back to Paris to the place I know and love but also to the Paris of Hemingway’s time. I found out that Barb is a cousin of Zelda who was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald of Great Gatsby fame. The Fitzgeralds hung out with Hemingway in Paris so it was somewhat personal for Barb to want to go there.

We also spoke of the way we both adore meandering through Paris and finding little gems off the beaten track, and out of the touristy glare.


There are many reasons why we all love France, but growing up in the US one reason for Barbara was the connection she forged through watching Julia Child on the TV. Barbara talked about her love of French food and her favourite dish Poulet Paillard which she happened to eat at my fave café in Paris Café St Regis!


Barbara heard one of her favourite genres of music whilst in the Uber from the airport to her hotel – French Chill Music. She shazammed to find the links and shared them with us. We hear Gramatik’s Muy Tranquilo in this episode, and Barb also recommends a track by L’indécis titled Le Sud.

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