Paris Perfect? Yes it is!

Paris Perfect? Yes it is!

The beautiful Place Dauphine off the Pont Neuf on the île de la Cité is home to just one of the sites for Paris Perfect rental apartments.

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Guest: Madelyn Byrne

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Madelyn Byrne is the founder and visionary behind the apartment rental business Paris Perfect. She grew up in a military family as an American but also a global citizen. as her father was stationed in Italy through some of her childhood. Working in London after College, Madelyn took a skiing weekend break in France with a friend and met her French husband, Philippe. Loaning out Philippe’s Paris apartment to friends when  working and studying elsewhere, started the business she has today.

Paris Perfect rentals are purposefully managed as rental apartments rather than staying in someone’s home who has just been moved out temporarily. Everything has been considered for travelers including a concierge to greet guests and to connect with in Paris. There are apartments with exquisite views, for all occasions. There are romantic retreats, family friendly rentals or luxury stays.

The concierge at Place Dauphine is in an old hotel Madelyn bought and renovated. It’s a 400 year old building which now has fabulous apartments decorated sympathetically with modern convenience. Madelyn told me all about the experience of turning this stunning old building into a functional space. The restoration turned out to be a labour of love. Madelyn had to go through 6 different historical committees to have an elevator installed! The buildings in Place Dauphine were built by Henri IV after the 30 years war of religion on the King’s land. There were 32 little homes built for the workers of the king in 1610 on Place Dauphine. Madelyn found when renovating the “mother-beam”. It is a massive beam which would have been floated down the Seine to the building and is positioned on the second floor holding all the building together. She also found an entrance from the cellar to the sewers of Paris. (**Both Madelyn and I highly recommend the tour of the Paris sewers which is accessed on the Tour Eiffel side of the Pont d’Alma.) Renovating an historic building such as Madelyn did will obviously have difficulties but also wonderful rewards. Peeling back all the layers of history when in the middle of the restoration can be fascinating, discovering the history of that particular building and uncovering its story.

With Paris Perfect there is now also an option for “Fractional Ownership” (which is not the same as timeshare). Fractional Ownership gives the option to own a fraction of an apartment and stay in it each year but also potentially rent it out as a vacation rental. Paris Perfect has now expanded into Italy and London with Paris remaining the “mothership”.

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