Selling up & moving to France! Living the dream!

Selling up & moving to France! Living the dream!

Natalie Mueller will be sharing her love of French food with food tours, after moving her life to France!

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Guest: Natalie Mueller

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Natalie Mueller always had a love for France which intensified during her early 20s when she worked in hospitality and had experience with a Michelin starred chef. He would only speak to her in French! So with that and the daily immersion in French food she was hooked! Since then she has built her own thriving and successful business “Olive Catering” in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. But Natalie is now ready for the next phase of her life and is embarking on a fabulous adventure. She has sold her home in Queensland and is moving to France!

I absolutely loved chatting to Natalie about her plans for the future, dreaming about wonderful times in France in the past as well as imagining what is yet to come. I place a huge amount of importance on dreaming and making time to stop daily to ponder the possibilities of the future. It is often our dreams that keep our hopes alive through tough times. Hearing about how someone else just like me has achieved her dream, gives me hope that it could happen to any of us if we want it enough and are willing to try to make our dreams a reality.

Natalie is moving to Paris first to stay with friends initially, but is planning to host food tours in regional France. She is on the look out for a château with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms that also has a commercial kitchen! So if you are sitting on a home that fits that description I suggest getting in touch with Natalie toute suite!

Natalie loves the Dordogne, Provence and also the Champagne regions in France. I loved the way she described the fresh produce she has found at local markets. Village markets throughout France are a joy to experience with the best and freshest seasonal produce straight from the paddock to your plate! There is nothing better than buying some gorgeous fruits, vegetables, cheeses and perhaps some charcuterie at a market, then heading home and by the evening sitting out in the fading light under trees on a terrace and enjoying all of it with a local wine… bliss!

Natalie has promised to check in with us again later in the year in order that we can keep up with all her goings-on. I’m hopeful that sometime in the future I will have the opportunity to attend one of her food tours. What a fabulous experience and life-time memory that will be!


Magret de Canard

Natalie’s fave French food to order and to cook is magret de canard. Duck is hugely popular throughout France but mostly in the Dordogne. It can be hard to master the art of cooking duck and I’ve never quite been able to make it taste as wonderful as it does when I eat it in France. I’m sure Natalie will have it mastered!


Madeleine Peyroux – J’ai Deux Amours

Madeleine Peyroux is an American jazz singer and songwriter who began her career as a teenager on the streets of Paris. She sang vintage jazz and blues songs before finding mainstream success in 2004 when her first album sold half a million copies.

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