Some petit Paris inspo for everyday!

Some petit Paris inspo for everyday!

Kate Venter's Sambellina Studio has all the Paris whimsy you need to keep some Frenchy vibes on your wall every day!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 63

Guest: Kate Venter

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Kate Venter has always loved drawing. Her school books were always covered in creative doodling! So after a career in IT she made the decision to move into her own business designing party ware. But during recent COVID lockdowns she got her creative juices flowing further by moving more into the design side of things and immersed herself in her art with her Sambellina Studio.

Kate loves to draw buildings and has a fascination with architecture. Her travel and architecture inspired illustrations often take me away to Paris. She confesses to having a particular affection for illustrating cafes! She loves the shadows, the light and the different colour that buildings exude at different times of day.

First up when designing a piece, Kate collects all the visuals. She finds that even if she hasn’t travelled there she feels like she has by the time she’s finished the project! Kate happily takes on commissions for others and also loves to sketch and do digital illustrations for her own fave travel destinations as well.

Kate’s style is often described as whimsical. I find that it is definitely that, whilst always conveying a feeling of the atmosphere of France.

Kate’s Etsy store

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Salade de chevre chaud

Kate shared her fave French food (apart from crêpes!) is a gorgeous warm goats cheese salad. There are many variations and I shared mine in the podcast episode, but this version in the above link gives lots of variance for experienced or beginner cooks.


La Vie en Rose

I love this version of the Edith Piaf classic by French artist Zaz.

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