Paris – a Fabulous Food Guide to the World’s Most Delicious City

Paris – a Fabulous Food Guide to the World’s Most Delicious City

Paris - A Fabulous Food Guide to the World's Most Delicious CIty

Loulabelles Francofiles Episode 139

Andrew Prior

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Andrew Prior, host of “Fabulously Delicious, the French Food Podcast” has now released a book!

Paris: A Fabulous Food Guide To The World’s Most Delicious City is Andrew’s first book and is about so much more than just the best restaurants in Paris.

Andrew has visited and sampled the wares of or dined in all 379 venues in the book! You will find recommendations for boulangeries, patisseries, cafes, bistros, bouillons, restaurants and wine bars. But also gourmet food stores, fromageries, department stores, and so much more.

Chatting with Andrew in this Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast episode, we touch on loads in his book but also get some of his secret tips such as how to get a more affordable Michelin starred meal! Perfectly timed for the big year for Paris with the 2024 Olympics and Paralympic games coming up, this podcast episode is a must for anyone planning a trip to Paris this year or just for lovers of French food to want to join in for a laugh and natter with us, and a petit escape to France momentarily!

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