The low down on the real French life for Emily in Paris…

The low down on the real French life for Emily in Paris…

The Real Emily in Paris - living right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 20

Guest: Emily Gaudichon

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When the TV series Emily in Paris started, I was thrilled to have a series to help me escape to Paris during the COVID lockdown. “Here is a way for me to armchair travel,” I thought. The storyline left a bit to be desired, but it was shot so beautifully with so many of my favourite parts of Paris highlighted, that I was instantly besotted with the show and binge watched the whole series from beginning to end immediately!

Shortly after the show commenced, Instagram suggested I follow “The Real Emily in Paris“. I am so glad I did. Emily simultaneously depicts a warmth and a rawness with her Instagram posts about her real life living in the 6th arrondissement near the Jardin du Luxembourg. I decided to message Emily and ask if she would consent to an interview. I had no idea she was an Australian, growing up in Brisbane, moving to London in her 20s and ending up married to a wonderful Frenchman and raising a family in Paris. My conversation with Emily was insightful, authentic and lovely. Emily shared her experience of moving to Paris with little capacity for the language, studying at the Sorbonne and life with their divinely cute sausage dog Noisette. Emily also shared her perfect Parisian day for us all to dream away of un jour de Paris!

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