The Parisian ABCs

The Parisian ABCs

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Guest: Emily Gaudichon

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Emily Gaudichon is The Real Emily in Paris on Instagram, she is a supermum to a teenager as well as two pre-schoolers and is constantly working on various projects simultaneously, but some how she has found time to write a children’s book as well!

Emily’s book The Parisian ABCs is illustrated by Sarah Vesperini and she describes it as a tongue in cheek look at why we love the French, celebrating cliches from A to Z with witty one liners to delight children and adults alike. Emily has a few favourite pages like “G is for grève” which means to go on strike, very common in France!

I loved chatting to her about her favourite parts of the book and getting a little insight into what life with kids is like in Paris. As Emily told me in France they have a different parenting style. In Australia the family’s world revolves around the kids. In France the kids fit in more with the parents! But still there are gorgeous regular (and sometimes wonderfully quirky) French cultural norms for kids, such as little nursery rhymes. Emily told me all about what a perfect French day would look like for her kids which apart from scootering through the Louvre it all sounded like wonderful fun to me! (Actually, scootering through the Louvre would be fun too, if not likely against the rules!)

I’m looking forward to my copy of Emily’s new book arriving in the post so I can pore over every page and drift off to Paris momentarily. I highly recommend grabbing a copy so you can do the same!

Emily’s links

Instagram – @thereal_emilyinparis

Website – The Real Emily in Paris

To buy The Parisian ABCs:

Australia – Ma Petite Librairie

Abbeys Foreign Language Bookstore Sydney

USA – French Wink

France and rest of world – Emily’s online shop

In Paris The Parisian ABCs is also available in store at Red Wheelbarrow (both locations), Landline, La Cuisine, Galignani and will be in Merci and Le Bon Marche by Christmas 🎄

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