The healing power of French music for chanteuse Noria Letts

The healing power of French music for chanteuse Noria Letts

Noria Letts shines on stage when she is singing en français for her audience!

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Guest: Noria Letts

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Noria Letts is a French-Australian singer who performs French songs in Melbourne and Sydney with her band The Parisians. Her style is eclectic and varied, but her description of French gypsy jazz shines through as a specialty for her. Noria has always loved music and singing right from a young age growing up in Burgundy in France. It is something she has shared with her sisters for years and there are now a number of other professional musicians in the family. Noria now shares a little of France with her audience every time she gets up on stage and she shares so much with me in this episode of the LFF podcast.

In my chat with Noria she talked about something she has not mentioned publicly before, her battle with breast cancer. Through the Melbourne lockdowns she was quietly and in isolation battling this demon. Amazingly though, after each time she performed, Noria’s doctors would exclaim how strong and well she appeared. Sharing music can be a truly a transforming and emotional journey.

B the end of our chat, I felt I had found a new “old” friend in Noria. She loves art, architecture, history and her fave food is a chaussons aux pomme! Just like me! How could she not be one of my besties now!

Noria’s upcoming gigs

(all in Melbourne)

November 4 2023 @ The Paris Cat Jazz Club

November 8 2023 @ Le Bar Supper Club, Beaumaris

February 29 2024 @ Bird’s Basement (Piaf show)


Salade de chevre chaud

Chaussons aux pomme


Zaz – Je Veux

Camille Bertault – Nouvelle York

Other details from our chat

Vacation on a péniche through Burgundy

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