The sparkly side of France’s creative heart in Cannes 🌟

The sparkly side of France’s creative heart in Cannes 🌟

Ruby Boukabou has been attending the Cannes Festival for more than a decade, pictured here in 2019 with an interview for Les Miserables which took out the Jury Prize that year.

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 68

Guest: Ruby Boukabou

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Right now the wonderful French Riviera city of Cannes is awash with glitz and glamour for the 75th Cannes Film Festival and I chatted to my belle amie Ruby Boukabou who is there this year about the most dynamic 2 weeks of her year!

The festival is held in spring and according to Ruby it’s lovely and warm, perfect for swimming to get away from all the pizzaz of the festival. But after having 2 affected festivals due to COVID in 2020 and 2021 I’m sure attendees this year will want to soak up every moment.

Ruby is attending the Cannes Film Festival with a Press Badge. There are also badges for other categories of attendees. A day for Ruby starts with booking her tickets for events when the daily booking system opens up. Then there are talks by actors, directors, etc. Ruby will do interviews either with her being the interviewer or sometimes being interviewed. There are networking events, parties (which are also networking events), press conferences, screenings and non-stop catching up and meeting people. Somewhere in the middle of all that her journalism work takes place too!

There are various competitions going on at the same time, like mini festivals within the one festival. There are films from so many countries and multiple cultures all mingling in Cannes at the same time. To me it sounds incredibly exciting but simultaneously exhausting!

I asked Ruby for her fave thing to eat during the festival but apparently there’s no time for food! That sounds incredibly un-French to me! But she did mention a wonderful cous cous restaurant with northern African flavours that sounds like perfect respite from the craziness of the festival.

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