The story of classic French style with Jac Cadeaux founder Claudia Stahl

The story of classic French style with Jac Cadeaux founder Claudia Stahl
Claudia Stahl started fashion brand Jac Cadeaux to bring the effortless chic style of France to women everywhere!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 151

Guest: Claudia Stahl

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Claudia Stahl is the creator of French inspired fashion brand Jac Cadeaux. Claudia lived in Paris for a number of years after inheriting a love of all things French from her mother. She went for a year and stayed for five years!
Claudia loves the language and the culture but clearly has been affected by the fashion too. Being there for 5 years, she got to learn the language, to meet and make French friends, travel a lot and study the effortlessly chic French women. We chatted about her experiences and it transported me back to France throughout our chat.
Claudia described her life in Paris in a little apartment where they could hear the bells of Notre Dame in the 5th arrondissement, over the road from a Tabac. I just floated away with her as she chatted. Hearing about the fashion as well, French women who would not be overly styled, but would wear what they had in their wardrobe in a way that had a chic-ness not often seen elsewhere. When Claudia came back to Australia she explored this further and created Jac Cadeaux which provides a classic French style wardrobe. The Breton stripe is a staple (I loved hearing the history from Claudia of the striped tops that have endured too) but there is so much more!
I’m always saying that we can keep our Frenchy vibes going even when we’re not in France. Claudia described her house which is named for a French village, with a light grey colour in the kitchen and other French touches. I love feeling connected to France in the same way with my surroundings at home but also with my clothes. For that now, I’ll be checking out Jac Cadeaux!
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Recette et Musique
Claudia recommends checking out the plat du jour when in Paris as it will be fresh and popular!
Jenifer – Au soleil
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