Every day is a beautiful day with April in Paris!

Every day is a beautiful day with April in Paris!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 149

Guest: April Pett

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April Pett is a breath of fresh air keeping the Frenchy vibes fluttering for many tourists in Paris. She hosts custom tours in Paris, Versailles, Chablis and Champagne and does so with such a lovely vibrant positivity!

Coming to live in Paris from a small town in Canada, April first visited France when she graduated high school and her love affair with the French capital began. After more than a decade living there, she still hasn’t lost the wonder in her eyes every time she sees the iconic symbols surrounding her. Wandering around the city is still like an outdoor gallery for her, as April says there is always something new to see or find even after daily walks down particular petites rues! Her main rule though, is to “always look up”. So many people miss what is right in front of them by burying their heads in a map or phone, or only looking at ground level. Always look up!


April starts every day with a gratitude salutation! The only thing she would possibly change is to have her loved ones live closer (which may be on the cards in the future!) but every day she loves her life in Paris and gets such joy from her tour clients. Her enthusiasm for all things French is infectious! The food, culture, architecture, wine and cooking French as well! In fact April is known to make the best Soupe à l’oignon in the world and has said she will whip it up for me on my next trip to Paris! (I won’t hold you to that though April!)


April Pett’s links

Website – April in Paris Tours

Instagram – @aprilinparistours



Soupe à l’oignon

(Note this is not April’s secret recipe!)



Songs by France Gall (one of both April’s and my faves!)

Ella, elle l’a


Il jouait de piano debout



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