Finding joy in the tiny details of Paris… all on a map!

Finding joy in the tiny details of Paris… all on a map!
Sonja Bajic creates custom made maps including all your personal fave places that bring joy to your life's story.

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Guest - Sonja Bajic

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Sonja Bajic is a map illustrator living in Paris, specialising in personalised maps. We use maps so often in our lives and Sonja connects with people to tell their story on a map of their own. Sometimes she will create a map with images or pictures of a family’s holiday and place it on a map for them to display at home, or perhaps an individual might have their life in two worlds, such as I would hope to have with France and Australia! Sonja can represent that life on a personalised map.

I adore losing myself in a map, examining all the streets and reminiscing about where I’ve been before. It was fascinating to hear of Sonja’s projects including a massive table for a tourist company in Paris with a map across the whole surface displaying the arrondissements, food and main attractions of Paris. I imagine it would have been a beautiful piece of functional art. Together with Sonja’s knowledge and passion for maps, I loved hearing all about her personal Paris story.

Come and escape to France with us…


Sonja’s links

Instagram – @sonjabajicstudio

Website – Sonja Bajic Studio

Contact Sonja directly via her links for maps and other products.

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