Curious about Provence? Oui. Moi aussi!

Curious about Provence? Oui. Moi aussi!

Ashley adores the olive trees of Provence. Moi aussi!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 78

Guest: Ashley Tinker

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Ashley Tinker is a Canadian now living in Provence. Back when she was aged 19 she was at art school in Italy and took a mini vacances in the south of France where she met her partner Englishman Robin as they were both staying in the same hostel.

Many years and a long-distance relationship later, they finally settled back in France together. Initially they became guardians of a run-down château but eventually bought and renovated a little cottage and now they’re in the process of renovating a barn on a property in a village near St Rémy-de-Provence.

Ashley loves the lifestyle in Provence. The weather, the values, the history, the food and also the fresh seasonal produce. Eating by the seasons was a learning curve for Ashley but a way of life she now loves! The slow life of Provence has definitely captured her heart!

Ashley’s site and socials “Curious Provence” celebrate that beautiful slow living and help others to experience the real Provence. She has a passion and knowledge of local food, wine, markets, festivities and other interesting cultural particularities. Her enthusiasm is quite infectious! I have definitely been living vicariously through her adventures!

Ashley has a background as a fine art photographer and spends much of her time in the high season photographing romantic couples’ photo shoots, family photo shoots, or solo portraits all in beautiful surroundings such as lavender fields, hilltop towns, amongst the sunflowers, olive groves or castle ruins.

I have travelled and spent time in Provence both alone and with my husband Paul. My memories of the region are so beautiful and speaking to Ashley just made me want to get back there all the more quickly.

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