Empowering women one champers at a time!

Empowering women one champers at a time!

Cynthia Coutu has focused her business Delectabulles on the wonderful women winemakers of Champagne!

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Guest: Cynthia Coutu

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Cynthia Coutu is living what I think is my dream life! Although I’m sure it is nowhere as easy as she makes it seem! Canadian born Cynthia now lives in Paris whilst immersing herself in the world of champagne! After attending a French school in Canada, Cynthia came to Paris to complete a Master of Art History and decided to stay.

After her OECD career ended at age 50, she found a new pathway for herself with her brilliant business Delectabulles, involving two of my passions: one is furthering opportunities for women and the other is champagne! Cynthia hosts masterclasses, tours, tastings… loads of ways to connect with champagne as well as with some amazing women. I didn’t ask Cynthia for her fave champers. Instead, I love her perspective that champagne can turn every ordinary day into an extraordinary one! She also recommended that we shouldn’t save “special” bottles to share on certain occasions, but rather share them to make memories with those we love. Waiting too long can see the champagne turn and ruin. So don’t wait to enjoy!

Cynthia is a certified WSET Level 3 wine professional, she has been voted “Best Wine Tasting in Paris” by Expatriates Magazine in 2018, and “Best Wine Experience in Paris” by Travel and Hospitality Awards in 2020, and “Wine Expert of the Year” en 2021 by Luxury Travel Guide. Cynthia chatted to me about the technical side of champagne making, but through everything she does she instils a fabulous sense of fun. She recommends not just visiting the large well known champagne houses in the Champagne region but also seeking out the smaller houses with tours to get a more intimate look inside the world of champagne making. Cynthia has a list on her website of the champagne houses involving women to support as well. If going to France, it is well worth all champagne fans connecting with Delectabulles to turn your already memorable French vacances into an amazing lifetime memory to savour forever!


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