Loving La Maison Trumeau

Loving La Maison Trumeau
Mandy and Willo loved life in the Loire so much, that they bought a maison to renovate!

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Mandy Murphy & Willo Renehan

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Mandy Murphy and Willo Renehan made a decision after Brexit to buy property in France. What eventuated though, was more than they imagined! After many years of renos, inspired by Dick & Angel on Escape to the Château, they now have a wonderful maison in the middle of the town of Saumur in the Loire Valley. La Maison Trumeau is an 1850s French period home, walking distance to restaurants and shops and not far from chateaux and wineries in the Loire region. When Mandy and Willo were searching for such a find, they specifically wanted a wine region in France (driving distance from the UK). This is not just about the wine however. I hadn’t considered a perspective that Willo made clear: if buying in a wine region, there will be a number of boxes ticked or checked just because these things go hand in hand with a wine making region. Good weather is needed for the grapes to grow = check! A wine region encourages a fabulous food and restaurant scene = check! The rolling hills and terroir for wine making also provide a gorgeous backdrop for meandering around the French countryside = check! Together with all of that, the Loire has a châteaux around almost every corner! What’s not to love!

After this chat with Mandy and Willo, I can see how they team all of that Loire Valley loveliness with the French style living at La Maison Trumeau which has been fully renovated and restyled to it’s original French elegance including antique furniture, vintage style furnishings and plenty of space to relax and unwind. It’s definitely on my list of future plans for visits to the Loire Valley and France

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