Finding the hidden gems in Paris with Claudine Hemingway

Finding the hidden gems in Paris with Claudine Hemingway

Episode 143

Claudine Hemingway

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Claudine Hemingway is an American living in France. She has an amazing family history in Paris, with her grandparents and of course Ernest Hemingway having a significant impact on her perspective of the French capital. I have spoken with her a number of times on the podcast before and met in Paris, most recently going to one of her faves L’Avant Comptoir in Saint Germain.

Claudine is an amazing story teller and historian. She has an incredible knowledge of the Louvre, taking tours there often, as well as many other places in Paris. Her depth of understanding about the history of Paris provides her tour clients with an authentic experience tailored to their needs.

I loved chatting with Claudine about her life in Paris, the upcoming Olympics, the re-opening of the Louvre in December, her faves to visit in Paris including the incredible place she and I caught up at in the Latin Quarter in the summer of 2023.

Claudine will adapt what she presents in a tour depending on what the tour participants interest or based on their previous Paris experience.


Some of Claudine Hemingway’s Paris faves:

Claudine’s website with more info:

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