Life in Rural France

Life in Rural France
Unlike many of us Kylie Lang was never in love with all things Frenchy... until she moved there and now she is besotted with everything about her Life in Rural France!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 153

Guest: Kylie Lang

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English born Kylie Lang has lived all over the world, but it wasn’t until she gave her husband the next choice of where to live, that she even considered a move to France and now she is fully in loooooove with every thing about her new adopted home.


Kylie now lives in rural France in the Charente department on the border of the Dordogne, 2 hours from Bordeaux. In south-west France, Kylie’s area is known for its sunflowers and is a beautiful part of France (although who am I kidding, all of France is exquisite!)


We chatted in this episode about the ways ex-pats moving to France can find ways to connect with their community. Kylie suggested something I hadn’t considered before, on moving to her village she joined a line dancing class! It’s a little known fact that the French love line dancing or some might call it formation dancing. When I went to the Bayonne festival a couple of years back there were certain songs where the whole crowd would just break into dance, with everyone seeming to know all the steps! It never occurred to me then that the locals would go to lessons to learn this!


So Kylie and and I had great chats about the discovery of her new home and her move from the UK, about how she continued her work in her business from France and how she has become part of the local community (even initially with no capacity to speak French!) I loved that Kyle has even ended up in the kitchen peeling spuds and washing dishes at the local fête!



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