Making the move to Saint Malo!

Making the move to Saint Malo!

Katherine took me to a great local spot to watch the sun go down and dip behind the boats bobbing on the bay in the late summer evening.

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Guest: Katherine Watt

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Katherine Watt made the move to Paris to Montmartre about 6 years ago. She loved her community there, her block, her apartment and thought she would always stay there. But late last year she got notice that the owner wanted to move back into their home so she made the decision to move to the town she had previously only visited for vacations, Saint Malo.

So Saint Malo up on the Bretagne coast, not far from the border with upper Normandy and Mont Saint Michel, is a town with lots of Parisian holiday homes as well as Airbnbs. It also happens to be one of my Papa’s fave places in France. I did wonder what all the fuss was about, and then I went there… now I know all the fuss is absolutely justified!

Katherine spent her first three months after leaving Paris living in a vacation rental in an area of Saint Malo close to the touristy area near the ramparts. Eventually with help from local friends, she found a brilliant townhouse a couple of blocks from the beach in a part of Saint Malo called Saint Servan.

I spent a week in and around Saint Malo back in June this year and absolutely adored my experience there. The seafood, the people, the history, the beaches, the cider, the galettes! I couldn’t get enough of it all! Katherine helped me find an Airbnb for my stay. There were so many to choose from and by chance I chose one almost across the street from her place! The little Breton vine covered cottages are gorgeous inside and out, just like the people of the region.

My Saint Malo visit was an experience I felt was next level, epic, beautiful… mainly because of how much of the local area I got to see through the eyes of the locals. Meeting Katherine’s friends gave me an insight into the daily life of the people of Saint Malo. I went with them to the twice weekly market, we visited a poissonnière to purchase our fresh seafood and they showed me the best spot to watch the sun go down as it dipped below the burning horizon on the English Channel or La Manche at 10.30pm.

The natural areas in and around Saint Malo are amazing. Grabbing a bike can take you to hidden parts of natural parks as well as easily transport from one side of Saint Malo to the other. Katherine walks through a natural park each morning and has a beautiful spot overlooking the water for her yoga. It all seems idyllic to me!

My top tip: If you are planning a trip to the WW2 beaches of Normandy and Mont Saint Michel, it is only a hop, skip and a jump to Saint Malo and well worth the visit. My dear Dad is absolutely right as is Katherine, Saint Malo is a place not to be missed!

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