Meika’s magical Paris visit… just like falling in love!

Meika’s magical Paris visit… just like falling in love!

Meika fell in love with Paris little by little, the whole time through her stay!

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Guest: Meika Woollard

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On Bastille Day I sat down with the gorgeous Meika Woollard to munch on a table full of pastries and chat about her recent first visit to Paris. It was wonderful to hear about Paris from the perspective of someone visiting for the very first time, and also through the eyes of a Gen Z! Older Francophiles like me will no doubt have memories of our childhood dreams of Paris, so hearing the magic Meika experienced on her first trip to Paris brought back the innocence of my younger self!

Aussie Meika is now based in Europe with her career as a fashion model. She grabbed the opportunity to visit Paris with friends for a few days earlier this year. Before going to Paris, Meika was focused on mainly the touristy things, but once she got there she quickly realised there is so much more to the French capital. Meika and her friends turned first to TikTok and searched for “hidden things to do in Paris”. They found a list of things to explore, picked one and caught an uber to the address. It turned out to be a cafe in Montmartre with love letters all over the walls, beautiful declarations of love written down and plastered everywhere!

Meika didn’t sleep much during her visit so she could spend as much time as possible soaking in the magic of Paris! She went to restaurants, cafes, night clubs and meandered through beautiful streets. Meika did a full tour of the Eiffel Tower and is planning the full Disneyland experience on her next visit!

Meika said that when visiting Paris for the first time, it is just like falling in love! I completely agree. I fell in love with Paris on the first morning I woke there and looked out my window at the Marais. I have been falling in love with all of France ever since!

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Meika’s Paris 

Love letter cafe – Le Tire Bouchon, 9 rue Norvins, Montmartre

Paris Cat Cafe

La Cuisine Paris (cooking classes)

Disneyland Paris

Maison du Caviar restaurant Paris

Nightclub L’Arc


Pain perdu


Steak Tartare


Emily in Paris soundtrack

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