Cannes Film Festival Flashback!

Cannes Film Festival Flashback!
Loulabelle and Ruby having a ball on the Cannes Film Festival tapis rouge!

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles episode 155

Guest: Ruby Boukabou

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Recently I followed with great interest all the excitement of the Cannes Film Festival, which got me reminiscing about when I was there for the 2023 Festival last May with friend to the Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast Ruby Boukabou.  I also loved the chat I had with Ruby back then while we were in Cannes together, with loads of insights into the local customs, the sights, the weird and the wonderful happenings of the most famous film festival on the planet!

Tune in to hear all the insider views on the festival as well as be updated on some exciting stuff to consider if you are heading to France this coming French summer! If you’re heading to Paris over June, July or August this year, treat yourself to a delightful soirée with a charming and intimate cabaret celebrating French music, chanson and tap dance! Ruby Boukabou with another wonderful Loulabelle’s guest Wendy Lee Taylor have teamed up to perform on a peniche on the Seine, right across from the Île Saint-Louis near the Port Marie. The Peniche Marcounet is a beautiful backdrop to enjoy a show under the Paris sunset.


The cabaret will allow you to time travel via French music being transported to the Age of Enlightenment with its poignant love songs, the Belle Epoque with its cheeky polkas and then music through the following decades of the 1930s, 40s, 50s & 60s, right up to toe-tapping originals of the 2000s. Performed in both English & French Parisian Time Step is a bilingual cabaret accessible for Anglophones and also fun and nostalgic for French audiences.


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(Paris Tap Dance workshops & jam sessions
once a month at Cave Café in Montmartre)




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